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Our doctors can help you diagnose and manage orthopedic leg conditions.

Whether you are completing regular everyday tasks or participating in strenuous physical activity, your legs receive a lot of action and impact. Your legs are responsible for carrying weight, and as such are the site of a lot of orthopedic issues. Orthopedic leg conditions can encompass:


  • Distal femur fracture – This type of a fracture is a break in the thighbone, located right above the knee. This type of fracture can vary in severity and type, but it is usually caused by a high level injury like a severe fall or a car accident. Tenderness, swelling, bruising, pain, and knee or leg deformity can surface as a result. Treatments include bracing, casting, skeletal traction, and surgery.
  • Hamstring strain – A hamstring strain is an injury to one of the muscles in the back of your thigh. This injury is typically the result of overloading the muscles. The strain to your hamstring can be partial or full and usually include swelling and pain. Treatments for hamstring strain include elevation, compression, rest, physical therapy, and surgery to re-attach the hamstring to the bone.
  • Runner’s knee – Runner’s knee encompasses more than one condition that can contribute to pain around the knee. Like the name suggests, this type of pain is common for runners and other types of athletes. It can include improper alignment, weakness, dislocation, and pain that worsens with activity. Treatment options include bracing, reconditioning, compression, and surgery to remove damaged cartilage and realign the kneecap.
  • Torn ACL – Also known as an anterior cruciate ligament tear, a torn ACL is a common injury for athletes. It is sometimes accompanied by damage to surrounding cartilage and ligaments. An ACL tear can range from a slight stretching to a complete tear. Tenderness, swelling, pain, and decreased range of motion are symptoms of the injury. Treatments include bracing, physical therapy, and surgery to rebuild the ligament.