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Don’t stay sidelined by sports injuries.

While athletics are good for your body in many ways, they also present the risk of several types of injuries due to the strain and impact involved. Your shoulders, ankles, knees, and back are especially vulnerable to sports injuries.
We develop care plans for patients who experience sports injuries such as:

  • Dislocations – This occurs when the ends of the bones are forced away from normal positions
  • Fractures – Cracks or breaks in the bone
  • Sprains – Torn or stretched ligaments


The doctors at Orange County Orthopedic Group have experience caring for patients of all ages and all activity levels who experience sports injuries.
Whenever possible, our orthopedic group uses non-invasive treatment methods to treat sports injuries, so that you can get back to playing without longer recovery times than necessary. Some of these non-surgical approaches include ice therapy, rest, compression, and physical therapy. If surgery is required, we work hard to use state-of-the-art minimally-invasive approaches.