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At Orange County Orthopedic Group, we perform joint replacements for patients who are not finding relief through other methods. Oftentimes, joint problems are so extensive that it is difficult to continue everyday activities or go through the day without pain. Sometimes, shoulder, knee, or hip replacement is necessary.

Joint replacement can increase mobility and range of motion, as well as relieve pain. A joint replacement can be partial (only one part of the damaged joint is replaced) or total (the entire joint is replaced with a prosthetic).

We will help you after your joint replacement to make sure that the surgery was effective, and also to provide steps for physical therapy so that you can move freely again.

Some of the most frequently performed joint replacements are:

  • Anterior hip replacement – Hip replacement through the front (instead of the back or side)
  • Total hip replacement – Replacing all of the hip with a prosthesis
  • Revision hip replacement – Adjustments made to an earlier hip replacement
  • Total knee replacement – Resurfacing the knee joint with artificial parts
  • Revision knee replacement – Adjustments made to an earlier knee replacement