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Arms & Hands

The arms and hands get so much use that any injury or issue can take extensive time to heal properly. Conditions that can affect your hands and arms include all types of injuries and more complex orthopedic issues

Feet & Ankles

Orthopedic Painful orthopedic foot concerns can make normal everyday tasks become very challenging. Even walking, working, or exercising can take a toll on your body. By contacting our office, you and your doctor can decide on the best strategy—surgical or non-surgical—that can be used to help you find relief. With minimally invasive procedures, you can even get back to day-to-day activities quicker.

General Orthopedics

In addition to area-specific injuries and conditions, there are several orthopedic issues that can develop anywhere in the body—or even your entire body. At Orange County Orthopedic Group, we work with you to find a treatment that will provide you with relief.

Hips & Pelvis

There are several orthopedic issues that can contribute to hip pain. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for treating hip problems, like orthopedic care, minimally invasive procedures, and hip replacement or reconstruction.


Whether you are completing regular everyday tasks or participating in strenuous physical activity, your legs receive a lot of action and impact. Your legs are responsible for carrying weight, and as such are the site of a lot of orthopedic issues.


The growing nature of each child’s bones, joints, and muscles places him or her at an increased risk for orthopedic injuries. Additionally, there are some orthopedic conditions that surface at birth or shortly afterward.


Your shoulder operates with the Your shoulder consists of joints, tendons, and several muscles, which puts it at risk for different types of pain and injuries.


There are many parts to your back—discs, muscles, nerves, and bone. Because of this, there are many orthopedic conditions that relate to the back.

Sports Injuries

While athletics are good for your body in many ways, they also present the risk of several types of injuries due to the strain and impact involved. Your shoulders, ankles, knees, and back are especially vulnerable to sports injuries.