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Let our Rehabilitation Specialists help you safely and quickly recover.

Rehabilitation involves helping you to recover entirely after an injury or surgery. During rehabilitation, we will work to restore your flexibility and range of motion. In some cases, this will involve psychologically and socially helping you to recover.

Additionally, we work with patients to help them prepare prior to their procedure. It is not unusual to need some time before you can return to normal activities after an injury or surgery. To keep your body rested, you might use:

  • Splint
  • Crutches
  • Wheelchair


Rehabilitation helps to restore strength and flexibility to those areas with methods like:

  • Stretching – improves muscle function
  • Stability exercises – restores movements
  • Physical therapy – provides strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Heat therapy – soothes the area and encourages healing
  • Massage – relieves tension and encourages blood flow

You will often be provided with exercises and techniques to try at home, too.